About Us

We at Bio Water® are a family Company in Oregon and have sold the Bio Water® catalyst for 32 years now having certainly a very special one of a kind Trade Secret proprietary formulation. Hal and Ellen Wilfley first marketed in their company known as Bio Line Inc., Bio Line Water, Bio Water® and Willard’s Water, together with their famous Bio gels doing radio and television talk shows throughout the United States. Ellen was President of Bio Line Inc from 1982 until 1984. Hal and Ellen then broke from the partnership and started Bio Water® Products in 1986 and have continued until present, adding products to their wholesale line which all contain the Bio Water® catalyst.

Hal Wilfley passed in September, 2004 after a long good life and son Chris died just two months prior. Chris was very active in the original Bio Line company with Hal and Ellen. They both are a great loss to the family and the Bio Water company. The company has the philosophy that no man is an island and if the company is going to meet its goal BIO WATER® TO THE WORLD, we must share.