Fact Sheet

Bio Water® The Perfect Water: Fact Sheet™

Its Histrory

The story of catalyst water (Bio Water) goes back far before the “60 Minutes” report was aired. The original crude catalyst concentrate was discovered by an oil man in Montana named John Brorby in the early 1960s, whose oil wells were drying up with sludge and paraffin. As his son tells the story, his dad went to the local druggist, purchased some ingredients, heated them, and put the hot ingredients down his wells. Lo and behold, in 24 hours, the wells were pumping again! He called in a consultant from the South Dakota School of Mines and a chemist, and they began to prepare for patents which were filed from 1968-70. One day in the chemist’s lab, quite accidentally, the truth of this catalyst became known. The chemist burned the soft part of his arm, quite severely, on a red hot plate. Frantically looking around, he ran over to a vat of this crude catalyst, and knowing there was nothing harmful in it, he splashed some of the cool catalyst on this severe burn. He said in 30 seconds he was out of pain, and in three days, it was as though he had never burned his arm!

The local postman observed this miraculous happening and took the product to the farmers for use on their animals as an experiment, and the same great hearings happened to the animals. As the “60 Minutes” television show reported, pink eye in sheep, mastitis in cows’ udders, terrible barbed wire tears, all healed in 1/3 the normal time. News of the hearings with catalyst water spread and people far and wide started purchasing this miraculous product in one ounce bottles from the postman. A letter from a grateful user prompted national television coverage on “60 Minutes.” On July 7,1980, the U.S. House Subcommittee on Health and Long Term Care of the Select Committee on Aging of the U.S. House of Representatives did quite a report which reflected many personal testimonies from these users with fantastic results on numerous maladies!

Its Significance

BIO WATER catalyst has been marketed now for well over 29 years far and wide. What makes Bio Water so unique? Adding just one ounce of the catalyst concentrate, changes the structure of ordinary water and makes it as water has never been known to man before! It makes the water far more useful. Why the catalyst works as well as it does, is not yet completely understood. However, regular users of Bio Water do not seem to mind why it does what it does, but nor do scientists know just how aspirin kills pain. The fact is that it does. From gardeners who raise larger crops, to ranchers, to burn victims, what counts are the results they achieve right now. Could it be mind over matter? Maybe so, but try telling that to a 32-pound squash!