Bio Water® The Perfect Water: Fingerprint™

This fingerprint is seen under certain types of microscopes as per the great Dr. Patrick Flannigan, l986. Only the ‘TRUE‘ catalyst water contains this fingerprint, which is created during the ‘state of the art’ processing of the ingredients. No ‘state of the art’, no catalyst water. Should you run across another product which may be imitating the genuine Bio Water, ask them for their proof of a ‘fingerprint’, so that you will know you are not being fooled. In order for all the great things to happen, the micelle and colloid MUST be in the genuine catalyst water.
There are those out there who will take your money and say that they have the real product. Make them prove it. Do not be fooled! It is a waste of your money and good health.Only OUR Bio Water contains the “FINGERPRINT” that identifies the REAL CATALYST WATER. Bio Water ® is a one of a kind product, sold ONLY by the Bio Water Company in Mulino, OR.The key elements are MICELLE and COLLOID, and ONLY genuine Bio Water ® contains them.