Bio Water® The Perfect Water: A Nutritional Booster™

Bio Water® works in a very simple way. It has an immense ability to penetrate, and because of this it picks up nutrients which are not presently being assimilated, it breaks the nutrients down into minute colloidal particles, and the body can now assimilate them. These nutrients then pass through the tissues to the heart of the cells (where nutrients belong), and the body now heals itself far greater than it has been in the past. How simple can it be.

When one takes vitamins and mineral supplements with their daily meals, much more of the nutrients will now be assimilated and the body will do the rest. A very wise statement was made by the medical profession, “a doctor has never healed a single person, he only puts the body in the condition so that the body can HEAL ITSELF.”

The assimilation of nutrients which the body extracts from the food consumed daily is from 8% to 10% which is very poor. It is amazing how the body can still function at such a low percentage. When consuming the Bio Water on a daily basis, it has been established by the studies by a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry who has done years of study about catalyst water (Bio Water) that assimilation increases to in excess of 75%. Now you will look better, feel better, the body will respond to maladies much better because the body is responding like it was created to respond.

However, if one does not eat properly, taken nutrients to supplement what they are not eating and are not consuming sufficient amounts of water, preferably Bio Water, then where is your body going to obtain fuel by which to function properly?

The foods we purchase at the grocery stores do not have the nutrients in them that we think. Picking fruits and green vegetables in storage for long periods of time loses nutrients. A study some years ago at the University of California at Davis found that the plant does not set the vitamins and enzymes until the vegetable or fruit sets the COI.OR while still on the branch or vine. Do they not pick most everything green? Where are the nutrients the body needs … in the polluted water we drink, or the toxic air we breathe, or the vegetables picked green? It is no wonder disease is on the rampage and the immune system cannot fight as it should. The body is nutritionally starved!

Provide the tools the body needs. For better assimilation of your nutrients, drink at least 8 glasses of water. Eat three meals nutritionally sound per day and take proper supplements, and DRINK BIO WATER … the greatest aid to nutrients ever.