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Bio Colloidal Silver aka, nano silver meaning small particles, or micro particles on a nano scale sized silver particles, is measured in nano meters (nm). Medical science has now shown it to be as a ‘natures antibiotic’ or a natural alternative to medicines and our colloidal silver is a true and pure colloidal silver product. Also those tiny silver particles are positively deadly against many forms of viral pathogens and are single most effective as an all natural anti viral substance on this planet! New Clinical lab research shows colloidal silver is a very powerful agent against viruses! Do you think that means AIDS? Oh my gosh, what a mouthful huh! At the first signs of the body being ‘out of sorts’, a very small amount is needed. Being liquid, it goes into your blood stream immediately. Bio Colloidal Silver is a much different product than any other silver product on the market, because it contains our Bio Water Catalyst and our Bio Gold, which is 67 minerals and trace elements from ancient decayed plant life. The colloidal silver is a great product for your home storage program. Otis Media and other internet sources have reported some of the many attributes of colloidal silve rand scientific research says they are: acne, aids, allergies, boils, burns indigestion, ringworm, yeast infections, warts, athlete’s feet, lesion healings, spider bites, staph and other various infections, the flu, and…the internet reports 500 victims of Ebola in Africa were successfully affected by only 10 ppm of silver. Bio Colloidal Silver is 200 ppm, and is sold in a concentrated 8 oz bottle. Our daughter Sue was a hit and run victim and taken to the local hospital where they performed surgery on Sues broken back. She came out of the hospital with what they thought were spider bites in the hospital wrong…… it was a full blown staff infection and ugly were their names! She used cotton swabs and dabbed the sores with our Colloidal Silver, and within two to three days, the staph Infection went away….It is used successfully on those kind of skin maladies. You try it and let us know how your Bio Colloidal Silver works for you. It is considered as an anti bacterial. Also Bio Silver aka nano silver is a wonderful product to use in your water storage program to keep the water fresh and free from bacteria. We here at Bio Water use Bio Silver instead of the parabens in our healing gels It is a wonderful formula. TRY IT YOU’LL LIKE IT!


Bio Colloidal Silver 8 oz 200ppm (6Pack)


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