Bio Mist Stress Mineral Spray 8 oz


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This poduct contains Bio Nano Silver acting has a anti fungal and skin healer. This Bio Mineral Mist is excellent after that stress day at the office! and is another one of a kind balanced ph product from Bio Water. For a fast natural pain relief or a refreshing topical spray for beautiful skin containing 67 plant-derived minerals and trace elements, plus 12 Amino acids and the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst, together with our Bio Nano Silver, this product is a must.This two-way special formula gives temporary relief from the discomfort of pain in muscles and joints such as strains, bruises, sprains, arthritis, backaches, torn ligaments, and uncommon aches due to excessive athletic endeavors or just hard work.
Bio Mist Stress Mineral Spray is a real treat when used with Bio Gel , Bio Ice and our Collagen Peaches and Cream adding dissolved oxygen to your body. It is the refreshing feeling after use immediately upon rising in the morning, or just before retiring in the evening. It is also excellent in the workplace for the afternoon.When traveling or when driving long hours, spray your face and you will really feel the difference an immediate pick me up because of the electrolites! Extra oxygen from this special formula, is always a lift. Oh yes, and do not forget to spray your hair! Minerals are desperately needed in your hair….great hair dressing and so easy to use! Try It, You’ll Like it!


Bio Mist Mineral Spray 8 oz (6 Pack)


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