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HI THERE………THIS IS THE LITTLE GUY I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT IN THE INFO ON THE 8 OZ BLUE BOTTLE OF BIO WATER…..GREAT TRAVEL SIZE AND USE WHEN GONE FROM HOME AND AT YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT…PUTTING THIS IN YOUR DRINKING WATER AT THE TABLE CAUSES THE WAITRESS TO SAY……..WHAT IS THAT!!!!AND THEY DO……..AND YOU SAY, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK! TIP OF THE DAY YOUR NEW CUSTOMER! The ph of most drinking water (bottled and tap) is at acidic levels or just at neutral at best. The most popular which folks carry out in cases of 24 test at about 2.8ph! All disease grows in an acid environment. Any wonder why everyone is sick! Great for the pharmaceuticals tho. When the Bio Water catalyst is added to water, it raises the pH from acidic to a high alkaline water in a range of 9.2 ph to 10.2 ph depending on what kind of water you are using, bringing it to a healthy level of alkaline water and, it will not dissipate. Bio Water in its concentrated form has been recently laboratory tested and at the time of testing the age of the product was 29 years old, and still tested at the high 11.8 pH after all those years! Bio Water does not dissipate with age.

The Bio Water is an optimum ph balance trade secret formula which balances your pH naturally no additives to the formula it just happens. Bio Water oxygenates the water and will hold the oxygenation for several months after it has been diluted one oz to a gallon of water. Once mixed one ounce to a gallon of clean water, pour off a bottle of your newly mixed Bio Water, shake it, then hold the bottle up to the light or a window and you will see the millions of tiny oxygen bubbles your Bio Water has created. On our home page you will see a referral to a video, go take a look, and then do this yourself.

Bio Water also changes the molecular structure of water and a reduction in the surface tension occurs to 61 dynes, normal water being 73-74 dynes and it will hydrate your body very well! Bio Water catalyst makes water wetter, thus has the ability to more effectively hydrate the body. Bio Water acts as a carrier of nutrients and breaks nutrients down into very tiny particules and electrically charges those particles for greater assimilation passing through to the body’s cells. Bio Water also contains naturally occurring electolites for greater energy and a wonderful feeling of well being. Bio Water has been qualified as a homeopathic product. In the spring of l983, through the efforts of it’s President, Ellen Wilfley, Bio Water was qualified as a natural homeopathic remedy with many attributes for the user.

Never leave home without your little 1oz bottle of high ph, oxygenated Bio Water. Put 20 drops in your glass of water and stir clockwise A great conversation piece at the dining out table at the restuaurant, as everyone around you wonders what you are doing to your water! Call us at 503 630 7777 and place your order, you have been too long without this great discovery.


Bio Water Concentrate Traveler 1oz ( 12 Case)


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