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NEW DISCOVERY IN THE USE OF THE BIO WATER CONCENTRATE. I remember back 32 years ago, my time spent with Doc W., listening to his stories about the concentrate….I remember also, he said Ellen, the concentrate will do nothing on its own. Well a few customers will now disagree with the Professor…….They have reported to me, using the small 1 oz bottle we sell of the concentrate for your travel has done some pretty great things about healing wounds. They have been using drops on skin maladies on the nose, forehead, chest, etc……need we say more…..and within two weeks those rough ugly area’s are smooth and as clear as the rest of their skin. Doc….we are telling you, it works! But Doc…..was it not a vat of that catalyst you splashed on your terribly burnt arm and it healed so fast that was the beginning of those whole thing and the 60 Minutes??? Think it was Doc. Yes, he hears Ellen from the spirit world and has a big grin on his sweet face! He is saying to me, Ellen thought you would never discover that….but yep Doc…..we did! When you order your Bio Water 8 oz be sure to order those small 1 oz bottles too! So now, its time to clear up the issue of PH, ph Ph or however it is spelled. Most people call it ph instead of pH so when in Rome, do as the Romans do! The ph of most drinking water (bottled and tap) is at acidic levels. When the Bio Water concentrate is added to water, it raises the ph from acidic to a high alkaline state, ranging from 8.6 ph to 10.2 ph depending on what water is used, and the ph level will not disipate.


Time does not destroy Bio Water. Recent lab tests show that after nearly 33 years of shelf life, our Bio Water catalyst still tests 11.8 ph in the concentrated form. Bio Water is truly a living water that re-hydrates the body at the cellular level, assists in delivery of nutrients that the body requires for optimum health and wellness and has lots of oxygen! Bio Water is the only synergist that can restructure water to its original structure that GOD gave us and is only naturally available in remote places of the world, along with restructuring the water by forming a micelle and a colloid (its fingerprint).


Bio Water (1) increases the ph to a high level of the water, (2) lowers the surface tension, (3) oxygenates the water and (4) provides needed electrolites for cellular energy , (which are naturally occurring). Bio Water changes the molecular structure of the water and a reduction in the surface tension occurs to 61 dynes. Normal water is 73-74 dynes.


Bio Water also makes the water wetter and thus has the ability to more effectively act as a carrier of nutrients into your cells. With wetter water, you are more hydrated, you feel much better, think better, act better, work better and look better, all because of improve assimilation of your nutrients, greater hydration, higher ph and a drink that is loaded with oxygen! Over the 32 years, we have see much! I think the most amazing thing was to find, the Bio Water has great healing ability using the concentrate right out of the bottle. Why does it work, it must be because the ph of Bio Water is 11.8 alkaline. Is not the skin acid….it is responding to alkalinity and for some reason that works! Try it yourself and see, then do call us and tell us your story. Is this the reason for the Bio Water cutting down pain?


How simple can it be to drink a couple of glasses of high ph oxygenated water a day, or …. carry that little 1 oz everywhere you go putting 20 drops of Bio Water into your bottled acidic water (you drink by the case) and start making life more healthy, happy, with higher energy levels, deeper sleep, stronger immune system, higher energy levels, improved digestion and start feeling LIFE AGAIN, all because you changed the structure of your water and changed the acidity of your skin. Never leave home without your 1 oz bottle of Bio Water.! Science tells us the day we are born, we are alkaline, the day we die we are totally acid. The choice is yours. YES,
Any questions, call us on our free line 1 888 848 4292 or if that line fails, call us on 503 630 7777.>TRY IT , YOU’LL LIKE IT!


Bio Water Concentrate 12 per Case


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