Bio Water Pet Care the Ultimate Colloidal Catalyst Concentrate 4 oz (8pack)


The most important thing to the health of your animals is pH (ph), oxygen and electrolytes. At the time of birth your animal was alkaline. At the time of death, your animal will be totally acid.



Did you know that your pets assimilate only about half of the food and vitamins they consume, yet we expect them to be happy and fight off dis-ease as did the animals of long ago? WATER is the key. The more perfect the water, the healthier the pet and COLLOIDAL WATER is the answer but why….

The most important thing to the health of your animals is pH (ph), oxygen and electrolytes. At the time of birth your animal was alkaline. At the time of death, your animal will be totally acid.

What if…. you had a concentrate which held a high ph, high dissolved oxygen level, naturally occurring electrolytes and, did not diminish in strength from manufacturer to your cupboard even 30 years later. You do! It is called Ultimate Pet Care Colloidal Water a catalyst.

When adding 1 oz of colloidal water concentrate to a gallon of clean water, then just adding a small amount from the gallon to your pets drinking water, your pets will look better, act better, feel better, all because they are assimilating more of their nutrients. Colloidal Water gives the animals greater hydration which extends life.

Large animals benefit tremendously with Colloidal Water. In dairy cattle, horses, sheep and all other animals who graze and obtain their water from 100 gallon holding tanks…just put 1 oz of the catalyst into the 100 gallon water tank and they drink freely and will be well hydrated. They will have better coats, milk production will increase, more stamina because of the oxygen level being greater, ph being higher, and electrolytes will their well being.

In relation to giving the Colloidal Water to birds of all sizes and chickens, oxygen levels are very high which results in much happier and calmer birds. Tests done with large herds of chickens have found the bird gets to market on l/2# less food, 1/2# greater weight and to market two weeks earlier. The mortality rate on the birds dropped tremendously which is a serious problem for farmers in the chickens early stages. That is money in the farmers pocket he normally would not be making.

Regarding quail and other small birds, the tests have shown that they too get to market fatter on less feed and it has a calming affect on these birds who are normally quite flighty. Amazing stuff …this oxygenated Colloidal Water.
Mink are not normally a friendly type of animal in fact can bedownright mean…putting just a few drops of the colloidal water in their tiny water dish had quite a calming affect on the Mink as it did the quail.

At the racetrack, trainers felt they were breaking track records by spraying down the horse after his bath from head to foot, and the horse appeared to act calmer. Of course, the horse was drinking the Colloidal Water in his drinking water daily. Amazing what high dissolved oxygen, high pH and electrolytes will do for an animals.

The adding of a high pH, oxygen and electrolyte concentrate changes the structure of the water, making the water wetter, allowing the animal to be more hydrated and making nutrients more available by breaking them down into very small particles so that the nutrients are able to pass through the tissues into the heart of the cell and walls….thus a healthier pet …all because pets are assimilating more of the food or vitamins and minerals they consumed today. How simple can it be? YOUR PETS LARGE OR SMALL, WILD OR TAME….WILL LIKE THIS PRODUCT.

Directions: Large animals, use (1) ounce of Colloidal Water into a gallon of water. Add 4 ounces of the diluted product to their drinking water. Small animals, mix (1) ounce Colloidal water to a gallon of water. Add 2 oz. of diluted product to their drinking water daily. More can be used if desired without harmful effects.

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