Survival, Your first 72 Hours by EJ Wilfley




Survival 1993 and beyond is a book about……..What will YOU do when it happens to YOU ….Your First 72 Hours! Are YOU prepared or do you say to yourself, yah I gotta do that, and never do.

The primary purpose for this book is to wake up the world to the reality of what we are facing and what to do about it when it may occur to YOU!

Have you ever really thought of hard times? I have, that is why I was taken from a sound sleep in 1993 and the voice said….”it’s time to write the book”. What! I don’t write books! The voice said again (at 2:30 am) “its time to write the book”!

So being an obedient spirit child of my FATHER, I put on my bathrobe, went down stairs of the farm house, turned on the word processor and had prayer.

“Father if you would have me write a book, then put the words in my hands that you would have me write…
in the name of Jesus Christ Amen”.

I wrote for 3 solid weeks. Hal my eternal companion proof read the script and it was finished.

A good friend in Colton Oregon was an artist, complimented the book by adding our inspirations with an artists touch. We self published our book and while in Seattle at a Survival Trade Show, a book distributor from Salt Lake City said Ellen, this book must be in LDS book stores around the world and that is what I do, everyone needs one of these books and….. it was done. Prayer works folks!

The book is as valuable today in 2014 as it was in 1994, because it is the same yesterday, today and forever. This concept for survival still applies, however does broaden.

Read it, teach it, share it and you’ll like it! You can always call me on our free line, 1 888 848 4292


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