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Bio Sea Grow 8 oz

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    BIO SEA GROW is a SPECIAL TRADE SECRET FORMULATION combined with natural solubilized seaweed and 67 ancient plant derived minerals made available in convenient, easily applied and readily absorbed liquid concentrate. All you do is add water.
    BIO SEA GROW is a balanced ph (pH) oxygenated water formula which adds life to your plants through more strength in the root system, the life of the plant.
    BIO SEA GROW is a natural organic fertilizer and soil conditioner for maximum vegetable, fruit and grain crop production with stronger and more vibrant trees, lawns, and house plants.
    BIO SEA GROW unlocks the nutrients in the soil, making nutrients more readily available to the plants thus greater assimilation and stronger root systems and higher crop yield.
    BIO SEA GROW is a product for all seasons for all plant life.
    BIO SEA GROW offers plants a balanced ph and oxygen level added to their soil.
    SEA VEGETATIONS are unique and useful for our crops. These living systems are able to extract inorganic substances from the ocean, assimilate them, and convert them into organic compounds useful to plantlife of all types.
    SEA VEGETATIONS contain every element known or theorized to be active or useful in forming tissues in plants, and contains ALL essential trace elements in chelated form.
    SEA VEGETATIONS also contain naturally occurring hormones and antibiotics that act as fungal inhibitors and thereby increase plant resistance to disease which destroys crops.
    PLANT DERIVED MINERALS which contain 67 essential organic minerals plus 12 Amino Acids and naturally occurring electrolytes, add even more zest to Bio Sea Grow. These minerals are taken from ancient beds of once lush plant life now decayed for millions of years, for a balanced organic fertilizer loaded with oxygen and LIFE!
    BIO SEA GROW also contains the Bio Water concentrate.
    You have it ALL in one bottle in a balanced ph, oxygen, with electrolites for your house plants garden, nursery or field crops, in fact , all plant life.
    BIO SEA GROW is a concentrate, all you do is a few drops add clean water! YOU WILL LIKE IT!