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Collagen Peaches and Cream 4 oz

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In addition to the Bio Water Catalyst and the Bio Silver, Peaches n Cream includes:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera
  • MSM
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    Skin care is critical for a beautiful look. It is not makeup that gives you your radiance. It is the glowing foundation which is you. It hydrates the skin and is a great moisturizer1;

    Several wonderful ingredients have been combined with the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst, which contains a high ph, high dissolved oxygen formula, 67 ancient plant derived minerals. This special formula creates a non greasy moisturizer plus more, in this 'one of a kind' product found in no other company.

    Peaches & Cream contains collagen and elastin which are proteins found as natural components of the skin and connective tissues. In the unique formula, of Peaches & Cream moisturizer, collagen and elastin work together to replenish water loss in the epidermal layers by interlocking with the skin's structure to maintain a moisturizing barrier that naturally nourishes the skin cells.

    Collagen is believed to assist in skin cell renewal, thus allowing younger cells to travel to the surface of the skin faster. By adding the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst a penetrant and as an oxygenator, and the Bio Nano Silver as a natural anti fungal instead of the parabens, the catalyst water carries the nutrients into the cells where they belong for that beautiful radiant look.

    Vitamins A, D, & E ,Aloe Vera and MSM are important skin nutrients (no animal sources) have been added to Peaches & Cream for nourishment of your skin.

    Using this product also at night, will work on your skin while sleeping the time when the skin revitalizes itself. Peaches & Cream is also very effective when applied to guard against windburn and to protect the skins from harmful rays of the sun.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply Peaches & Cream in the morning and evening by spraying first the Bio Mist Mineral Spray on the skin, then applying the Peaches & Cream in an upward motion starting with the neck area. Also wonderful for the back of the hands and arms. Call us at 503 630 7777 and we will ship it to you right away. This has been a very popular product at Bio Water for nearly 35 years!