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Bio Arnica Gel 8 oz

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    For the past 32 years, Bio Arnica Gel with Bio Nano Silver has been our # 1 seller working hand in glove with our Bio Stress Mist Mineral Spray,  making the two, great companions.  One should not leave home without them! 

    The high ph and high dissolved oxygen levels of the Bio Water contained in Bio Arnica Gel together with the 67 plant derived minerals, causes healing to start immediately.

    Bio Arnica Gel is a unique trademarked formulation of multiskin nutrients capable of holding the high ph Bio Water suspended in gel form thereby allowing a greater concentration of Bio Water and 67 plant derived minerals to be applied to one location.  This product is also for beautification of your hair, and don't forget to use the mineral spray mist on  your hair also.

    Skin vitamins A, D, & E, Aloe Vera, Arnica and Comfrey extract have been added for their skin beautification and softening qualities as well as for their benefits in repairing damaged skin.

    Because of the attributes of our homeopathic Bio Water concentrate, the Bio Arnica gels have a outstanding ability to heal quickly. 

    For instance when injuries to the skin occur spray quickly with the high ph diluted Bio Water then quickly apply the Bio Arnica Gel liberally. Pain goes away quickly and the healing starts immediately.

    I can remember so well, having these two products always with us at football, basketball and track meets for the grandkids and they never failed!  The kids were always running to the bench for application of these products, and then back out in the field they went, out of pain and playing their hearts out. Such great memories.   It paid off too, one of our grandsons Harrison Wilfley, after a few days home from his South American mission this spring,  was called to the Cal Bears in Berkeley, CA to be their Offensive Tight End for 2012.  A real chip off the old Grandpa's Hals block!  Go Cal Bears!

    Never leave for a game without it....Bio Arnica Ice and Gel will be going to Berkeley this fall with Grams Wilfley.
    I have experienced much in the last 32 years, and we hold our head high with the Bio Arnica Gel/Bio Water combo. Great gifts too!