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Bio Ice Massage Gel with Arnica 8 oz

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    Bio Ice with Arnica is a special formulation of the Bio Water homeopathic catalyst, suspended in gel form and combined Bio Nano Silver with skin vitamins A, D, & E, Aloe Vera & Comfrey, Origanum, ARNICA and MSM that aids in muscle pain relief and has a cooling effect for immediate muscle relaxation as it hydrates the skin.

    We formulated this product in 1982 specifically for athletes suffering from torn ligaments, cramps and the like. It is very popular on the football field, basketball and track. Thats not to say, Grams and Gramps order it by the case for you know what! I think they call it ol uncle arth-e-ri- us. They tell me they won't leave home without it.

    This product too, accompanied us to the grandkids ball games....A few squirts of the Bio Water Stress Mist Mineral Spray, a quick rub down with the Bio Ice and out they would go, to play a great game. Our Bio Ice came long before Paul Harveys Mineral Ice or Joe Namath's rub down product and far more effective if I do say so myself, but I'm prejudice.

    Now there is another place Bio Ice is loved and of course accompanied by the high oxygen high ph Bio Water spray, is at the desk of every secreatary that has heard of the healing power of Bio Ice.

    The value of being a homeopathic product loaded with oxygen, high ph, Eucalyptus, Menthol, MSM and the wonderful herb Origanum and Arnica which we added ....for deep penetration. A real friend of the Chiropractors too with their ultra sound because among other things, it hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

    An anti-bacterialagent is also present to insure its safe use. The Bio Ice special combination of herbs has a deep, relaxing, penetrating effect on those tired, sore and aching muscles, tendons and joints.
    Bio Ice leaves no greasy residue on your skin, and no you do not walk around smelling like a bottle of our old remedy Vicks.

    You will really love the relief you will experience after a vigorous rubdown with cooling Bio Ice when you jump out of bed at 2am with that ...charlie horse. You will really thank us when you go back to sleep!

    Bio Ice Massaging Gel is used for sun burns

    with great success....It is alkaline....our skin is

    acid......yes it should work and it does work.