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Bio Water® The Perfect Water Catalyst™

Yes I know, we women really like to talk about what we love… and of course, my favorite subject for over 29 years now is BIO WATER. I will never forget being in Dr. Marshall Ringsdorf’s home in Birmingham Alabama in l983 with 12 medical Doctors in his living room listening to Hal and I brag about our BIO WATER catalyst. When we finished telling them of all of amazing things we had experienced over the past year and half…..they came to a unanimous conclusion and said to us….

BIO WATER is truly the greatest preventative and healing discovery in the history of mankind.”

Coming from medical doctors, this was amazing, realizing for the first time, our great responsibility to mankind. Hal and I went away from that meeting very humble. What a responsibility to our brothers and sisters all over the world. Yes, a few people CAN make a difference.

I think the best way to described this fantastic product is …‘precious’.

Many of you who have known me all these years have heard me say on radio talk shows throughout the U.S., “Bio Water is truly the greatest preventative and healing discovery in the history of mankind”.

Enough of being emotional…..I’m from Venus you know…….now I shall share with you things you may not know.

As a little side note here for you English teachers and spelling buff’s reading this….no I have not mis-spelled ph in my writings….but when we did a reverse search on words on the net, 99% of you all, spelled pH with a little ph so…when in Rome do as the Romans do if we want folks to find us on the net.

Science tells us that when we are born we are at an alkaline pH level and at death, we are totally acidic. It is shocking to find that the ph of most drinking water (bottled and tap) for the most part is at acidic levels. I have seen 2 creek waters that tested at neutral, 7.0 ph yet that is not sufficient to stop disease from flurishing in an acid condition.

When our Bio Water concentrate is added to clean water, it raises the ph from acid to a high alkaline range of 9.2 pH to 10.2 ph depending on what kind of water you are using, bringing the water to a healthy level. The now altered water and its ph level does not dissipate! Other products on the market, loose their oxygen and ph in minutes, in a few hours or at best, 3 to 4 days, they have no holding power.

The Bio Water homeopathic catalyst was 29 years old when we sent it for testing to a very large testing labratory in California. The results came back to us at 11.8 pH confirming Bio Water does not diminish with age.

Let me share a special moment in time Hal and I had in Las Vegas Nevada in l983.

We had the great opportunity to meet the Chairman of the Homeopathy Board. I will never forget that day, siting and waiting for what seemed like, GOD to come out of the lab. He arrived, a rather slim gentlemen with dark penetrating eyes, beautiful swash of black hair, sat down in his overstuffed leather chair, clapsed his hands together, leaned forward, looked at me for a moment and then said, Mrs. Wilfley, you are President of the company…I replied yes I am, he said to me, we have just ran tests on your Bio Water concentrate… do you realize what you have in this little bottle, as he shook it towards us. My response was, well I have seen a lot in these past 18 months Dr. ___. He said, no, you really have not a clue Mrs. Wilfley what you have in this little bottle of Bio Water!

Yes, I was taken back a bit!

He said, I have the ability to take your Bio Water to the Board and it would become a homeopathic remedy in less than 6 months. I thought….Bio Water a homeopathic remedy.

I became really excited inside but tried to remain calm while I really wanted to jump up and scream to the world…I told you it was GREAT but I remained calm and said, what is the downside risk Dr. __. His reply was….you must disclose the formula and how to make it in the pharmacopia. My response…”and the world would then know how to make Bio Water”…he reply was….”yes”. It did not take me any time to respond…”and the pharmaceuticals then could formulate it, confiscate it and make it a drug….right?”…his reply was………”yes”.

As one of the owners of this company and its President, I can not do that Dr. __, to mankind and we thank you for your time………….he said….”GOOD LUCK Mrs. Wilfley”. That joyous day I will never forget!

Over the next 27 years, I have grown in knowledge and wisdom, and today I now know now what he meant….”you have no idea what you have in that little bottle of Bio Water Mrs. Wilfley”. Hopefully I can, in the next paragraphs, bring wisdom and knowledge to you that Dr. _____had that memorable day in Las Vegas.

Over the many years, we have found the Bio Water to be a very unique homeopathic product. It oxygenates the water and the catalyst will hold the oxygenation for a very long time. See our powerpoint slide presentation on You Tube for detailed information on ph and disolved oxygen.

The records show that the first water based catalyst which exhibited properties of an emulsifier and surfactant (more attributes) was discovered in the late 1960s by John Brorby. I can tell you this story by first hand knowledge from his son in a phone conversation I had with him in l983 and the rest is for the history books.

John was an oil man in the midwest who was trying to restore his oil wells which had dried up due to sludge and paraffin buildup. He was very successful with his crude catalyst. Mr. Brorby called in a consultant from a school of mines and they became partners.


The first crude catalyst was a calcium magnesium polymer with a sulfated caster oil base formulated by Brorby a formulation of sodium micelle, supercharged by the additional electrolytes of castor extracts which react to form a stable polymerized compound.

When the Bio Water catalyst’s heavily charged ions are incorporated into the formulation, or the metabolism of a living organism, often a new or better function can be obtained and so it was. This might mean then, that an ion can be sequested (attracted to another element or mineral), that would facilitate another enhancing function.

There are many types of ionizing or polymerizing processes. The crude caster and sodium formulation such as Brorbys has displayed versatility, but true values were missing. Only within the last few years or so, has the extremely high electrolytic compound stability been obtained thanks to the work done at Georgia Tech and their great professor(s). This is now known as BIO WATER.

BIO WATER is registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office as # 2975697.


Current data now supports the fact that the BIO WATER homeopathic catalyst is added to water for better utilization and hydration. In other cases, the plant or animal is now conditioned by the use of the BIO WATER catalyst to assimilate more of its nutrients through a process known as Colloidal Chemistry. The BIO WATER is a colloid by nature.

When the diluted BIO WATER is within a living organism, it has the ability to stabilize the nutrients so that the body now has the ability to assimilate them in greater amounts. The BIO WATER catalyst does not discriminate to what type of living thing it works with, it is ALL living things. Therefore, anything that is affected by water, is affected by the BIO WATER catalyst. Check out our Bio Sea grow, your plants will really respond to this product.

What would you think is most important to mankind and to any other single thing on Planet Earth? What is the most important thing to beauty and health? You are right if you thought it was WATER. It enhances everything about us. Water adds moisture back into our skin and brings the natural oils to the surface. What hydrates and oxygenates and changes the ph of the body….GODS preciousWater.

There has been much controversy about what is the best water. Some say well water or spring water is the best. It comes from down deep in the ground with all of its minerals … but that is a myth. Have you noticed how many of those people are crippled with arthritis and have died before their time? It was the hard rock minerals which were the cause of their aching joints and arthritic conditions.

I am great for visuals, so lets do one….ever looked at the inside of that old pipe taken from an old farm house…or pipe that has been used for a long time…awful huh…..all corroted up with layer upon layer of minerals…well, the inside of your arteries look the same and this takes your life!

The hard rock minerals after drinking that good ol well water for years, builds up and builds up and does the same thing to your arteries as those hard rock inorganic minerals do to those ol pipes in that farm house.

Our body was made to ingest organic minerals from plant life. Now the plant life takes those hard rock minerals and converts them to organic, which reminds me to tell you to go take a look at the BIO GOLD on our web site. That is plant life personified 67 minerals and 12 Amino Acids, from an ancient bed of the best rotted and decayed plant life you will ever drink. (1) oz a day and you have it….just can’t do better!

Our plants thrive on hard rock minerals and convert them to organic minerals for humans to assimilate. Plants convert the hard rock minerals into living colloids and poly-electrolytes. Remember those two words.

Besides all of this, water everywhere is polluted to one degree or another. either by polluted rivers and the pollution that goes up into the air and gets into the creeks and streams to find it’s way into the rivers and then into the ocean. It never ends!

It is critical for the body to have the BEST water we can give it. When you give the body the right kind of water, it allows the blood to flow to the cells and thus we function more like in the manner nature designed us to. Toxins are the cause of death before time. The right kind of water is critical to stop degeneration of the body.

When our body is loaded with toxins, it cannot replace the cells in like kind. Each cell will reproduce in a lesser kind … thus, the aging process escalates. if our bodies are free of toxins and the proper nutrients are provided, then the life expectancy would be much greater than it is today. What is the best water we can take for optimum performance? It would be water which had a high concentrate of colloids and which is electrically charged and water which had a lower surface tension than that of normal tap water – in other words, “a more pure water.”

When Bio Water Catalyst is added to water, (1) it raises the ph to, as high as 10.2 ph depending on what kind of water you add the Bio Water to and, (2) the creation of high dissolved oxygen occurs and will hold for several months, (3) it changes the molecular structure of that water and (4)a reduction in the surface tension occurs to 61 dynes. Normal water is 73-74 dynes. (5) The Bio Water Catalyst also has the ability to make the water “wetter” thus greater hydration to the body and(6) has the ability to more effectively act as a carrier of nutrients into cells. (7) Also,in the formulation, naturally occuring electrolites now exist in Bio Water for more energy. (8) Last but not least, the trade secret formulation of Bio Water has created a homeopathic product hard to beat in its values to the body of all living things.


A Professor Emeritus of Chemistry a very long time ago, shared with me the definition of a ‘catalyst’. Plain and simple he said….a catalyst that is something that goes inside something else and changes that which it goes inside of, but itself, does not change. Now some scientists say it this way.

A catalyst is, “a substance that is modified, especially increasing the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed in the process.” A catalyst describes substances that speed up a chemical reaction, however are not changed in the process. “BIO WATER” is created by the formation of a micelle which is a colloid, and acts as a carrier for the chemicals involved in the reaction.

A micelle can be described as a spherical-shaped polymer (meaning group of many cells) which have a water soluble outer shell and an inner cavity that is able to carry fats and fat soluble vitamins in a watery environment. The caster oil is the protective agent against the micelle discharging and falling to the bottom.


To improve or speed up cell development, nutrients must move in and waste products must move out of living cells. A molecule of water serves as this vehicle. The “BIO WATER” plays the part of a stimulant by acting as a carrier which holds the nutrients or wastes in solution in the water. “BIO WATER” is a micelle-forming solution, which is capable of carrying the nutrients so very tiny, that they then have the capacity to pass through the tissues allowing them to react completely. Micelles are detergent-like and they are able to exist in an aqueous (water) environment while possessing an interior that is capable of carrying the non-water soluble compounds.

One of the keys to the catalyst is its ability to change the surface tension of the water. It changes the molecular structure of water, it breaks down the water droplets very, very tiny. It makes water, as man has never known water, in “its perfect state,” as water was in the beginning of time. The surface tension relates to the ability of one element or compound to hang onto another. A small quantity of the catalyst (a high ionic electrolytic structure) has a definite influence on reducing the inter-molecular bonding, especially of organic compounds.


The list of attributes of Bio Water is long and amazing. We consider Bio Water a “Normalizer.” It takes an organism under stress and helps it return to its normal state. Stress, as used in this context, means any change in conditions surrounding the organism that are not good for its continued existence.” For example, a plant which is stressed by a drought condition, will do better if it has been treated with Bio Water, than a plant under the same stressful conditions that was treated with regular water. All living organisms have built-in, natural defense mechanisms, or systems, to help them survive stressful situations.

Bio Water apparently has the property of this natural defense mechanism. The natural defense mechanism may also be the reason the water works well in helping the body maintain wellness. How else might this be important? Think about all the reports you’ve read regarding the great number of problems that are actually caused by, or at least aggravated by stress, at work, in family relations, or our polluted environment and this does not exclude plant life, from extreme types of weather.

Any substance that could reduce stress and help the body of all living things to “normalize” would have great potential benefit for millions of people who are suffering from stress-related problems. Many people have also reported that they believe they feel significantly less “edgy,” deal with stress better, and sleep better than usual, coincident with their beginning use of the water.


Another “unusual” property of Bio Water is its ability to boost an organism’s assimilation of nutrients. Controlled tests being conducted on horses, dairy and feed cattle and poultry have found that the Bio Water treated animals and birds gained more weight on less feed. Also the grower used one-third the normal dosage of antibiotics. The feed conversion is easily recognized as being an “assimilation of nutrients” factor. When a living thing is in “trouble” it is because: 1) something is present that should not be there or 2) something is not there that should be there, or the body of the living, whether it be man, animal or plant life is under some type of s t r e s s !.

It is important to point out that we are talking about increased assimilation of nutrients, of all living things, meaning vitamins and minerals, enzymes. In relationship to humans, Many people find they eat less when drinking Bio Water. The Bio Water actually helps, rather than hinders, dieters. The term normalizer seems to apply here.

Those who are overweight often report a decrease in their appetites, when “on the water,” and those who are underweight many times report an increase in appetite, and weight gain. This assimilation of nutrients is a key point in explaining why the water seems to “do so many different things for so many different people.” The fact may well be that the water is simply doing one thing in many of those cases: boosting nutrient assimilation enough to overcome the deficiency and thereby alleviating the problem.

This increased assimilation of nutrients may also benefit an ,organism by helping it to maintain wellness. Also, it is very helpful in “assisting in the removal of wastes” from the body. In summary, it enables more nutrients to be assimilated by the body and wastes to be removed from the body, than regular water does. For ease of memory, one might think of “the water” as a “nutrient extender” and a “waste remover.”


To explain how the water does this, we first need to understand swelling. Swelling occurs when physical damage is done to the system, permitting the flow of liquid (of which there are 40 liters in the typical adult body) into the damaged area and restricting the normal flow away from that area. This leads directly into the next property:


One of the most common uses of the water is “on skin problems”… burns, rashes, etc. We do not list this area as a ‘property” as such, because it seems simply to center on type of use rather than why it works that way. Extraordinary results have been reported by those who have used the water on burns.


In summary, Bio Water is water with its molecular structure rearranged, because of a catalyst which has unusual abilities. Catalyst Water is a stress reducer, or normalizer, a nutrient assimilator and waste products remover, water balancer, and a skin conditioner. Catalyst Water has been analyzed, tested and classified as: non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and caused no mutagenic activit


Now those of you who know me, I don’t have a negative bone in my body but when folks try to imitate this magnificient product, and they say they have Bio Water (Trademark violation firstly) they are dealing with your health and that’s not right. They are thinking only of the money issue.

Those of you who are new to us do not know but we have not raised the price of Bio Water in 29 years. As a matter of fact, it was 10.00 per bottle for a 4 oz size. We are 17.95 now for an 8 oz. WE CARE.

Other imitations have surfaced who claim to be a catalyst water product, however, unless one has the knowledge of the “state of the art” in manufacturing the catalyst, they are just that: “IMITATORS!” They are only trying to capitalize on the true “BIO WATER” product. These imitators ride on the shirt-tail of the true catalyst water product, but when the imitators are tested of their product by Ring Surface Tensiometer, a Dark Field Microscope or lnfra-Red Spectrophotometer and other testing equipment used in substantiating a true catalyst water concentrate, the proof is in the pudding. They fail!

It will be found that their surface tension is the same as water, 73 dynes, or 2 dynes below 73. “BIO WATER” tests at 61 dynes. If in fact, surface tension has not been lowered at a reasonable figure, then their product is no different from that of normal tap water. One can test the product themselves by using facilities at a local college using their Ring Surface Tensiometer to determine surface tension.

All of our literature has been approved by an FDA expert long ago, and this is what he said we could say……….


*to offer greater hydration

*to offer high ph water which holds

*to increase dissolved oxygen

*to add naturally occuring electrolites

*to assist in normalizing all living things
*to assist in removing stress
*to assist in relieving pain
*to assist in living things healing much faster than normal time
*to assist in reduced swelling
*to assist as an anti-oxidant
*to assist in greater assimilation of nutrients
*to assist as a remover of waste from any living thing
*to assist in the cleansing of tissue and aid excretion
*to assist in digestion
*to assist in the balancing of living things chemically and electrically
*to assist in increasing stamina and endurance level
*to assist in the increasing of enzyme activity
*to assist in increased electrolytic activity
*to assist in strengthening the immune system
*to assist in obtaining a greater optimum of health and longer life of all living things

And….it really really works!

Ellen Wilfley, President